Man Lived With Knife Stuck In Throat For 4 Years, Recovering From Surgery

A man had a knife blade lodged in his throat for 4 years

After being stabbed more than four years ago, a man finally discovered the blade of the knife was actually lodged in his skull. Surgeons have successfully removed the knife.

During a robbery, Li Fuyan was stabbed in the jaw. Since then, he has experienced consistent headaches and difficulty breathing. He was unsure that the blade actually broke off — into his head.

Surgeons explain that while this is very surprising, it is not unbelievable that the 4 inch blade went unnoticed.

X-ray images display the blade lodged directly behind his throat.

Surgical experts explain the man to be fairly lucky that the knife did not cut any major vessels like the carotid artery.

Surgeons explain it is possible as various areas exist in the body where it is essentially empty. Those areas are what are used during many surgeries.

The blade was safely removed, and even though it was eroding and rusty, health experts explain it should not pose any long-term health dangers for Li Fuyan.