Knee Replacement Surgery Very Effective, Patients Active Into Their 80s

Knee replacements are becoming more cost-effective for patients

A new survey showed that many patients who received a knee replacement, were active for at least 20 years following the surgery.

A medical researcher explained that with a proper knee replacement, and a future of good health, patients can expect to be at least mildly active into their 80s.

Many patients were concerned about the effectiveness of a knee surgery and whether or not an additional maintenance surgery would be required in the future.

When evaluating 128 individuals who have received a knee replacement, analyzing the activity levels shocked many researchers.

Much higher than originally believed, many replacement patients were still active to perform activities like walking without much trouble.

Researchers noticed that 70 percent of patients were able to walk distances of at least five blocks, and just 3 individuals were considered “housebound”.

Experts explain knee replacements are a viable option for many patients, and they are becoming more cost-effective and functionally effective as well.