FDA Warns About Pre-Term Birth Drug For Pregnant Women

FDA issued warnings about potential health risks of pre-term birth drug

More stringent safety warnings plan to take effect on treatments commonly used for women who are seeking to prevent premature births according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA explained that the drug, terbutaline, must be taken with caution. Women are urged to receive treatment for no more than three days, as risks of longer exposures include heart failure and even death.

A new warning, a boxed warning, is to be required on the drug. The boxed warning is the most serious warning issued by the FDA.

Another form of the drug can be found in pill form, but health officials have warned about it as well. While not as effective as the injection, it may present similar health risks for women.

The drug has been approved as a treatment option for specific ailments including respiratory health problems.

Many women pregnant with twins and triplets believe the drug to be a ‘life-saver’ as the women are at higher risks of having pre-term babies.

The FDA explained the drug is not being banned, but urge proper use to prevent any long-term health risks for the mother.