Each Year, 100 Babies Die In Crib, Playpen

Each year, 100 babies die in a crib or playpen

Many parents falsely believe a crib or playpen to be a very safe location to leave their child. In fact, most injuries affecting children under the age of 2 occur in or around a crib or playpen.

While as many as 10,000 children receive hospital treatment each year for crib-related incidents, an average of 100 babies are killed each year due usually to improper play and sleeping areas.

Experts explain that while in many cases it is the parents fault as they were careless or just lacked knowledge about the proper setup and arrangement of baby furniture, sometimes the furniture breaks or because unsafe naturally. Because of that, it is strongly urged to thoroughly inspect a crib or playpen frequently to make sure a baby is safe to sleep or play in the area.

Potential injuries occurring in the crib include falling, accidental strangulation, and even collapses of the crib.

Experts recommend only using qualified products and to contact a manufacturer immediately with any defects.