Blocking Growth Hormones May Be The “Cure For Cancer”, Researchers Explain

Blocking growth hormones may be the cure for cancer

A small village in Ecuador, found in the Andes Mountains, may have clues about how to cure cancer.

A group of researchers from California analyzed the villagers, about 100 in all. The researchers found close to no cases of diabetes or cancer.

Scientists explain that the villagers, located in southern Ecuador, have mutated genetic makeup causing less growth activity in specific hormones, stunting their growth. The villagers are all dwarves.

Researchers believe that successfully blocking the activity of specific growth hormones in adults who are full-grown, may also successfully block cancer.

Experts explain that if this process is actually correct, future generations may be able to live long, healthy, disease-free lives.

Over the course of more than 20 years, the group, most of whom had Laron syndrome, researchers analyzed the lifestyle and habits of these individuals.

Experts explain that the real reason is unknown at this time, as the villagers also ate a drastically different diet than is consumed by many citizens throughout the world.