Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, To Discuss Technology, Innovation With President Obama

President Obama will meet with many technology leaders on Thursday

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, will meet with President Barack Obama in California. Jobs has taken a medical leave from the company due to his struggles with pancreatic cancer.

Also at the meeting will be Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google.

Other than what is public, no additional information has been provided about the health of Jobs or when, if ever, he plans to return to Apple.

Analysts express confused reactions as Jobs, supposedly very ill, continues working from home and makes frequent appearances on the Apple campus as well.

Although Jobs is battling pancreatic cancer, the company explained he will still be included in major company decisions.

The White House explained that Obama is meeting with various business leaders to discuss innovation and technology. The meeting will be private.

The President has been working diligently to improve relations between the government and business leaders throughout the country.

Topics for the meeting on Thursday plan to include the economy, and how entrepreneurship may be able to generate additional U.S. jobs.