Obesity And Diabetes Closely Associated With Inactivity, U.S. Survey Shows

New surveys suggest specific states have higher activity levels than others

A new survey shows that southern states (in the United States) have the greatest levels of inactivity.

The survey was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with intention of increasing awareness and learning more about the obesity epidemic that is growing at alarming rates.

Gathering information from more than 3,100 counties, researchers found shocking results in the number of individuals who performed no physical activity other than required at work.

Similar surveys performed by the CDC have analyzed the rates of obesity and diabetes, but this study takes it one step further, potentially to the underlying cause of many health issues — physical activity and exercise.

Researchers noticed that the areas with the highest instances of both diabetes and obesity, were also the areas with the greatest rates of inactivity, further cementing the idea that an active lifestyle is a primary factor in preventing and avoiding long-term health consequences.

States with nearly 75 percent of the counties being almost entirely inactive were Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and Louisiana.

States showing close to the same amount of counties with very active individuals were Washington, Vermont, Oregon, Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Minnesota.

Experts explain these measurements should be the cause of alarm for many sedentary individuals, adding that with the current information available, many are stumped as to what will motivate individuals to live more actively.

Some suggest exercise needs to be made ‘easier’ for individuals, but even that may not be the solution.