New Influenza Vaccine, “Safe And Effective”, Experts Explain

New influenza vaccine shown to be safe and effective

A new study suggests a vaccine derived from Vero-cells may not only be effective at preventing the influenza virus, but it also may be safe too.

The study was conducted by researchers from Baxter’s Preflucel, a large pharmaceutical company. Funding was also received from Baxter.

For the study, nearly 7,250 healthy adults received an injection of either the new vaccine or a placebo, with the intention of measuring how effective the vaccine was at preventing various strains of influenza.

What researchers discovered was that the vaccine antigenetically matched influenza strains at a near 80 percent level of effectiveness.

Side effects from the vaccine were mild, and no severe reactions were reported.

Researchers conducting the study explain that this vaccine, derived from Vero-cells, is not only safe, but also fairly effective, and it may be a primary factor in preventing the seasonal flu for many individuals.

Experts suggest each person receive a vaccination each year, but high-risk individuals like those with existing health conditions, are strongly urged to have a vaccine.