Move Over Zinc, Vegetables May Be Better At Cold Prevention

Vegetables may be effective at preventing colds and sickness

While new studies have shown zinc to be an effective treatment and prevention method from the seasonal cold, experts suggest something may be better at avoiding a cold.

The notion that zinc can alleviate cold symptoms sooner and also potentially prevent the sickness from even occurring is a new finding.

However, experts at WebMD have explained that a diet containing an adequate amount of phytochemicals may be the solution that is completely natural and even more beneficial than supplementing with a little extra zinc.

Phytochemicals are found naturally in plants, and the presence of them provides an intense boost in the vitamin content in many plant products.

Experts explain a multivitamin is unnecessary when a diet contains enough fruits and vegetables. Vegetables that are dark and deep colored — deep greens, dark reds, and bright yellows — contain a significant amount of natural antioxidants that will effectively prevent the common cold and offer additional health benefits as well.

One finding yet to be determined is whether or not these plants contain an abundance of zinc. If so, it may be part of the reason these plants are so effective at preventing illness as well.