Zinc Shown To Prevent, Cure The Common Cold

Zinc can help reduce symptoms of the common cold

New studies have shown that zinc may be beneficial in helping individuals experiencing a seasonal cold.

Researchers explain that zinc could not only reduce the length of the cold, but also the severity of the coughing, sneezing, and sniffling.

Nearly 40 percent of ‘sick days’ for employees are caused by the common cold, and at least as many missed schooldays for children.

While some remain skeptical about the benefits of zinc, international researchers claim it is the real deal.

After accumulating data from 15 different trials and close to 1,400 individuals, researchers believe they have a solid case as to just how beneficial zinc is.

For the study, individuals were given a zinc supplement or a placebo at the onset of cold symptoms. Zinc was found to completely relieve cold symptoms in one week or less, and many individuals taking the placebo experienced symptoms beyond one week. Additionally, with regular supplementation of zinc, children were less likely to miss school due to being sick.

Researchers explain additional studies are required, specifically for areas of the world where zinc deficiencies may be evident.