Women Sleep Worse When Drunk Than Men, Study Shows

Alcohol consumption may negatively affect sleeping habits in women

New research explains that alcohol may be more detrimental to the sleep patterns in women than men.

While previous research has discussed that alcohol negatively affects the ability of the body to fall asleep and maintain a solid state of sleeping, no studies have analyzed the differences in how alcohol affects men and women in terms of sleep.

For the study, researchers analyzed 34 men and 59 women. All participants were between the ages of 21 and 29 years old, and were asked to consume alcohol until they became drunk. After alcohol consumption, participants went to sleep and researchers monitored them sleeping.

Researchers noticed that women who drank alcohol spent more time awake during the night, had less sleep, and woke up more often than men who consumed liquor.

The entire study can be found in the Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research journal.

One suggestion experts explained was the difference how the male and female bodies metabolize alcohol.