Officials Exaggerated Evidence About Anthrax Attacks

Bruce Ivins was to be charged for sending letters laced with anthrax poison

New findings have surfaced explaining that investigators from the United States may have exaggerated evidence when making accusations against a man who allegedly sent mail containing anthrax.

While evidence was apparently overstated, the National Research Council explained that Bruce Ivins, a scientist, was the individual responsible for the anthrax attacks.

Killing a total of five individuals, the ‘anthrax attacks’ occurred just weeks following the September 11, 2001 (9/11) terrorist attacks.

The letters laced with anthrax were intended to reach various cities throughout the United States.

Just weeks before Ivins was to be charged for the crime(s), he took his own life.

The National Research Council explained that determining the exact source of anthrax was not something that could be accomplished.

Investigators explained in 2008 that Bruce Ivins, a biological weapons researcher in the army, was the only individual related to the anthrax attacks that killed five individuals.