Back Pain May Be Hereditary, Studies Show

New findings suggest back pain may be genetically linked

An increase in back pain in many patients has increased awareness of other issues in the spine like “slipped discs” and spinal disc herniation.

The disc serves as cushion that lies between the vertebrae. It prevents the vertebrae from touching each other and also acts as protection for the spinal cord. But, as individuals age, discs will shrink which may cause discs to rub against each other leading to back problems and back pain.

Many patients complaining of low back pain also state that their father, mother, or grandparents have experienced or are experiencing similar problems.

Experts explain that while new studies suggest back pain may be genetic, findings are largely inconclusive at this point.

People who have immediate family members suffering from disc-related low back pain are known to be more than four times more likely to have the same ailment as well.

Despite the evidence presented, the link between low back pain and genetics remains a mystery.

Experts suggest individuals who have a family history of low back pain to perform frequent cardiovascular exercises to reduce the risk of additional disc problems.