61 Year Old Grandma Acts As Surrogate For Her Daughter

Woman carries baby and gives birth to her own grandson

For a 61 year old woman named Kristine Casey, finding out her daughter was infertile and hoping to have a baby left her with the idea of carrying her own grandson and giving birth to him.

As pregnancy is often shunned at the age of 61, she made use of hormone supplements.

Going through menopause 10 years prior, it only took two rounds of in vitro fertilization for her to become pregnant.

Casey carried Finnean, her new grandson and first grandchild, for a full-term pregnancy using her daughter’s egg and her husband’s sperm and then had a Cesarean section birth.

Since Kristine Casey’s daughter, Sara Connell’s egg was used in conjunction with sperm from her husband, the young couple are biological parents of Finnean.

Both parents appeared excited that somebody from the family would be so willing to do this for them.

Casey explained giving birth to her own three children as the happiest days of her life and believed her surrogate pregnancy for her daughter was a spiritual calling.