Woman To Give Kidney To Fiance, Says “A Little Surgery Is Nothing”

Woman plans to give her kidney to ailing fiance

Valentine’s Day is typically filled with flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners. However, for a Minnesota couple, the day is much more important than a few consumer gifts.

Ron Spanier has been on dialysis for nearly one year, as he has a genetic kidney disorder.

His fiance, Amy Anderson, is using Valentine’s Day as a day to prepare for a life-saving kidney transplant. She’s giving her fiance her kidney.

Previous marriages left the couple with three children, and they have a 3-month-old son together.

With a little sense of humor, Spanier explained to a newspaper that since his fiance gave him a child and is planning to give him her kidney, he has decided to marry her.

The couple met online on a dating site.

Waiting for a kidney transplant can take more than five years, and Spanier has been waiting for a cadaver kidney since he found out about his kidney disease.

While never expecting to receive a kidney from his fiance, she was tested and also shown to be one of the best matches available.

Anderson explains that she is more nervous about how his body will take to the surgery, telling the newspaper that for her, a little surgery is not a big deal at all.