Warning Signs May Help Diagnose ADHD, Experts Explain

Many signs help warn parents of ADHD in children

Although many children have been misdiagnosed with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, experts explain that certain warning signs may help determine whether or not a child does actually have the condition.

While the disorder generally carries hyperactive symptoms, not all children with ADHD prove to be what appears as overly active.

Common symptoms of ADHD are noticed when children show difficulty in completing a task, following directions, paying attention for any amount of time, or even just sitting still. However, many children are naturally ‘antsy’, which makes it somewhat difficult to properly diagnose a child with the disorder. Generally speaking, if the symptoms are negatively influencing the ability of the child to function properly in school or at home, additional tests are recommended.

Another common sign of the disorder is lack of development. Again, children develop at different rates, but if a noticeable delay is present, it may be due to a disorder, potentially ADHD.

Experts explain a big warning sign of ADHD and a common determining factor is often risky behavior. If a child is frequently visiting the hospital due to being constantly unsafe about their actions, it may be more than just an occasional accident.

Making sure children are on the right track is often difficult, but parents are urged to pay attention to the behavior and actions of children, as it may help diagnose the condition sooner rather than later.