Pneumonia Vaccines To Be Available In 19 Countries, Officials Say

Pneumonia causes nearly 20 percent of deaths in children in developing countries

As a leading cause of children deaths in Kenya, a new effort has surfaced with the help of the United Nations to vaccinate children for pneumonia.

Health officials explain that Kenya is the first country in Africa to take initiative to offer pneumonia vaccinations for children.

As a dangerous pneumococcal disease, pneumonia is the cause of nearly 20 percent of deaths in children in all developing countries, a news release from the United Nations explains.

The GAVI, or Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, will start offering the vaccines in the near future.

Within one year, the GAVI hopes to offer the vaccine in at 19 different developing countries, and by the year 2015, the goal is to provide vaccinations for at least 40 countries.

One of the most cost-effective methods for disease prevention is the a vaccination, and many health officials hope it will save the lives of children in developing countries.