Metra Trains Produce Alarming Amount Of “Lung-Damaging Soot”

Pollution levels shown to be dangerously high on Metra trains

New findings have shown that Metra trains may have dangerous levels of chemical emissions.

The Chicago Tribune, a Chicago-based newspaper, explains that Metra released new information about air pollution levels from trains, and the pollution issue is greater than originally disclosed by Metra.

These new pollution figures show to be alarming and directly contradict Metra’s claim of being environmentally friendly.

Many tests showed levels of soot known to damage the lungs inside many outbound train cars, levels sometimes at least 100 times greater than the pollution levels on a busy street.

Pollution levels were generally found to be greatest on trains leaving the Union Station.

An interesting statement by the chief mechanical officer of Metra surfaced, as he claimed in meetings just two months ago that emission and pollution levels were all ‘very, very low’.

Additional air filtering systems are going to be added to train cars in attempts to lower these dangerous chemicals.

Also, Metra plans to make use of cleaner fuel and implement new technology that will turn off trains as they idle at various stations.