Energy Drinks Dangerous For Kids, Overdoses Reported

Children have called poison centers due to energy drink overdose

New research explains that energy drinks may be unsafe for children to consume due to many of the ingredients found in most of these booster beverages.

A new study showed that upwards of 50 percent of children and young adults consume energy drinks on a regular basis.

As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified energy drinks with nutrition supplements, the caffeine limitations are more lax when compared to other beverages. The rule for soda is about 70mg of caffeine for each 12 ounces but some energy drinks have upwards of 300mg of caffeine per can.

As most kids are unsure about the potential negative health effects of drinking them, consumption can turn to be extremely dangerous. Specifically for children with diabetes, mood disorders, or heart issues, the surge of caffeine may provide drastically increased heartbeats and even hallucinations.

In certain cases, children have called poison centers due to a possible overdose of an energy drink.

With the recent negative press of energy drinks, specifically the banning of Four Loko, many energy drink companies are working to formulate new beverages.