Diet Soda May Increase Stroke, Heart Disease Risks

Diet soda may increase heart disease risks more than regular soda

According to many findings about fruit juice, soda pop, and other sugar-filled beverages, it seems as if there’s nothing entirely safe to drink anymore. Water is contaminated, artificial fruit juices and sodas have too much sugar, and too much caffeine may not be healthy.

A study over the course of nearly 10 years looked into the percentage of people who consume diet soda and the chances of having a possible stroke or heart attack. Among almost 3,000 individuals who drink diet soda, nearly 50 percent of them might possibly get a stroke or heart attack in the future.

Surprisingly, the regular soda drinkers do not notice the same health risks as those individuals who consume diet soda. Additionally, individuals who consume neither diet nor regular soda have lower risks have having any long-term health effects when compared to individuals who drink soda.

Experts recommend moderate consumption of soda, if ever. Additionally, a balanced and healthy diet with the inclusion of exercise may help decrease negative health effects as well.