Taco Bell To Give 10 Million Free Tacos

Taco Bell plans to give 10 million free tacos starting Tuesday

After accusations that recipes did not contain pure USDA-grade beef, Taco Bell explained their “meat mixture” was definitely more than 35 percent beef.

In attempts to increase social image, the taco giant has offered a free taco to any individual who “likes” the Taco Bell Facebook page. Starting on Tuesday, Taco Bell plans to hand out 10 million free tacos.

In the lawsuit, Taco Bell refereed to the meat in tacos as a “seasoned beef filling”, adding they will not disclose the proprietary mixture as it is a trade secret.

In a retort against the lawsuit, Taco Bell printed new advertisements with the words “Thank You For Suing Us”, offering a comical approach and making the entire case very well known to all consumers.

Taco Bell claims tacos contain around 88 percent beef while the lawsuit accused the company of only using 35 percent beef and a majority of fillers and artificial ingredients.

With the Facebook coupon giveaway, Taco Bell hopes to improve image and drive additional business, while thanking existing customers for continued support.