Seasonal Flu Peaking, Causes Feelings Like “Being Hit By A Car”

Seasonal flu is nearing its peak throughout the United States

Typically each year, flu season peaks during February and tapers off after the month as spring comes around.

The most dangerous flu for the past two years was swine flu, or H1N1, as the virus claimed thousands and thousands of lives throughout the world.

Another name for swine flu is influenza A, and the virus is closely related to the H3N2 virus. However, another similar virus that is making its presence known is influenza B which differs from any of the existing strains of the flu.

As the flu season reaches its peak, many individuals are affected with symptoms including fever, fatigue, chills, and general discomfort.

Hospital officials explain that many patients claim a feeling similar to being hit by a car, as the symptoms generally leave the entire body feeling weak and sore for potentially weeks at a time.

Peak time for flu cases in the United States is typically during the middle to end of February, health department officials explain.