Federal Health Plan Lacking Enrollment, Officials Say

Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan lacks enrollment numbers

The Obama administration predicted steep increases of enrollment in an insurance program created for individuals with previous medical conditions, but even with modest growth, the program has not lived up to the level originally predicted.

For instance, in Florida alone, federal health officials claim at least 100,000 individuals are probably eligible for the program, yet just over 600 have actually signed up.

The plan is called the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan.

Throughout the United States, around 12,000 individuals signed up for the plan, and predictions indicate around 300,000 individuals in the program by the year 2014.

While overall signups fall short of predictions, growth over the last quarter has shown figures near 50 percent.

Some health officials explain the lack of interest for the program falls on the state and federal governments, as overall awareness must be increased to subsequently increase program sign-ups.

The health plans work to pay for many costs related to health care if the physicians are in-network. These costs generally cover annual health screenings, mammograms, flu shots, and screening for cancer.

Some private insurance providers, like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, even direct individuals to federal health plan after rejecting someone for private insurance.