Two Babies Strangled, 1.7 Million Baby Monitors Recalled

Baby monitors may be dangerous when placed near the crib

Two cases of strangled babies in the United States have resulted in a massive recall of almost 2 million baby video monitors as they were shown to be dangerous.

The manufacturing company, Summer Infant Inc., produced video baby monitors containing a long cord.

Placing these devices next to a crib was shown to be extremely dangerous for the health of the infant, potentially causing two separate cases of strangulation.

The United States Product Safety Commission explained these products must be recalled, and nearly 1.7 million monitors were recalled.

The company plans to create additional safety information to include with the equipment, warning consumers that potential dangers do exist with any corded equipment, and keeping the equipment far from the child is imperative to decrease safety risks.

The two cases of strangulation involved a 6-month-old baby boy, and a 10-month-0ld baby girl, both while in their cribs.

Experts recommend that parents properly read safety instructions on any equipment that is placed near the crib of their infant or baby.