Student Not Allowed To Take Marijuana For Seizure Disorder At School

A high school student is not allowed to take marijuana medication at school

A high school student in Colorado was prescribed with a marijuana medicine to treat spasms, and school officials explain he cannot take his medicine while at school.

The student has a neurological disorder which can cause spasms, so doctors prescribed a medicine containing THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is what provides many of the effects from smoking marijuana.

High school officials explain that the student cannot take the medicine at school as the state law explains no medical marijuana possession or consumption is allowed on school grounds.

The controversy is growing and many question whether or not the laws should have exceptions.

Refusing a student the ability to have a healthy experience while at school may be crossing the line, but school officials plan to stand by the state law.

The family attempted to develop a plan where the student would leave school to take the medicine at home. However, the school explains that the study cannot come back to school after taking the medication.

The school district issued a statement explaining that a student who consumes medical marijuana off school grounds, should be able to return to school if the student does not show impairment and does not disrupt other students.