Old USDA Dietary Guidelines May Be Reason For Obesity Epidemic, Changes Suggested

New guidelines suggest significant changes to existing diet recommendations

Many people today are getting fat and unhealthy. This is why a lot of people base their diets around the United States Department of Agriculture dietary guidelines. Recently, the USDA announced a more thorough diet that promotes low fat and rich with processed grains and cereals.

Guidelines from the 1980s suggested consumption of empty carbohydrates and instilled fear into consumers about eating many nutrient-rich foods like red meats, eggs, cheeses, and whole milk products. Unfortunately, this fear caused a growth in consumption of many altered products including imitation meats, shortening, margarine, and skimmed dairy products, causing an increase in nutrient deficiencies.

In this year’s USDA dietary guidelines, they ignored the scientific studies on low-carbohydrates diet foods that can contribute to the loss of weight and eventually lead to improvement of their health. This is why scientists, nutrition researchers, and health professionals are hoping to stop relying on many of the currently consumed foods.

In addition to their statement and the new guidelines, they have been disregarding the success of millions of people who lost weight and improved their health by simply removing the processed carbohydrate foods and increasing dietary fats.

These guidelines question many diet principles and others are skeptical. Only time will tell whether or not these guidelines will be followed and what, if any, long-term health ailments come from this.