American Heart Campaign To Increase Heart Health Awareness

The American Heart Campaign aims to inform public about heart health

Many people form advocacies and campaigns that support not only the immediate prevention and treatment of different diseases, but the spread of information for widespread awareness as well. There are cancer support groups, STD supporters, and there are the advocacies for heart recovery.

In the United States, there was an announcement for the month of American Heart wherein a campaign for heart recovery awareness was brought about.

Heart recovery not only covers ways of recuperating from heart surgeries, but it also includes recovery from heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, people using devices – like heart pumps and  pacemakers – that help their heart function more normally also fall under the umbrella of ‘heart recovery’.

An online survey has been conducted to find out the extent of people’s awareness on recovery of the heart. There were more than 2,000 American adults who participated on the survey.

The survey showed that nearly 75 percent of individuals explained the main priority was heart health, while 95 percent of people surveyed explained heart transplant is a necessity. Nearly 85 percent claimed additional time would be spent to work at normalizing heart function with the intention of leading a normal lifestyle again. While many people understood heart health and awareness, more than 70 percent surveyed claimed to lack information about heart health.

The heart campaign and other awareness programs aim to inform the public about the importance of maintaining a health lifestyle.