New Surveys Being Conducted About LASIK, Laser Eye Surgery

New surveys explain the satisfaction levels of laser eye surgery patients

LASIK Quality of Life Collaboration Project is a new project that would definitely shed light on the effectiveness of laser eye surgery and the outcomes for patients following the procedure.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, together with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), reviewed some aspects of the said project. The project will examine the evaluation reported by patients after the surgery under the supervision of various professional agencies, including the FDA and National Eye Institute.

In a panel discussion conducted last October 2010 in Chicago, the proponents of the project define the three phases included in the project.

The first phase mainly focuses on a Web-questionnaire evaluating the outcome reported by the patients, which may include safety of the lasers used. Then, a clinical study involving the outcomes of patients, called PROWL-1, allows individuals in the United States military to complete the survey pre-operatively, one, three, six months post-operatively. And lastly, the last phase, which is known as PROWL-2, is a multicenter and clinical study that will be based on lessons and outcomes gathered from the PROWL-1.

According to the recent studies, about 95 percent of the patients claim that they are satisfied with the LASIK procedure. Thus, making the proponents positively acclaim that this study will definitely affirm that patients are very satisfied with their outcomes and will even undergo selection and pre-operative counseling.