Lower Brain Cancer Risks Evident For Those With Allergies, Study Shows

Having allergies may decrease brain cancer risks

Finally, a development with regard to the study of allergies has led to benefits from having them in the first place. Most notably, allergies may reduce the risk of having brain cancer.

The study’s result was consistent and it has showed that people with the most allergies are those who are less likely to have brain cancer. Glioma, the most common brain tumor, has a low percentage of growing in people with allergies.

The study also shows that 35 percent of their patients who were diagnosed with high-grade glioma reported to have some type of allergy. On the other hand, 46 percent of those that did not have glioma had an allergy.

Glioma is a product from the glial cells. This is the nervous system’s cells that support the signal-conduction of neurons.

The scientists that did the research said that they also considered the use of antihistamine of patients. In addition to this, the study may become a factor for the conflict of information. They also stated that the heightened immune system response of those people who have allergies halts the growth of the cells that eventually leads to cancer.

As of today, the reason for this is still unknown. Future studies would focus on the mechanism of why and how the relationship really works.

This may not be clear as of the moment, but it is great news though for people who have allergies.