Many Cancers Preventable, Experts Say

Healthier food choices are suggested to decrease cancer risks

Cancer is the top cause of mortality all over the world. So people are now starting to become health conscious.

Some studies show that there are foods and food substances that could lower the risk of cancer. It paved the way to confusion and misconception, so the American Institute for Cancer Research conducted studies to answer the queries.

According to the scientists, one-third of most cancers can now be prevented through proper diet, exercise and being physically healthy and fit.

So, the celebration of this year is World Cancer Day, which is happened last February 4, and the day focuses on cancer prevention.

Evidence shows that most cancers are due to excess fats in the body. So, by engaging in exercise for at least 30 minutes per day and eating healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans, people can effectively lower the risk of cancer. Avoid or limit consumption of foods high in fats or sugar and low-fiber foods because those may lead to obesity as well.

There are foods that should be avoided, such as red meat and processed meat. The intake of these foods can lead to colorectal cancer. Added to the list are salty foods or those foods that are processed with salt due to the increase risk of stomach cancer.

It is better to limit or avoid intake of alcohol and the use of supplements to prevent cancer. It’s better to rely on the nutrients acquired through natural foods.

Additionally, new “Nutrition Keys” will hit the shelves in 2011, helping educate consumers and making it much more simple to quickly decide on healthier food choices.