Influenza B Spreading Through Alabama, Health Officials Say

Influenza B known to cause many flu-like symptoms

A new strain of the flu virus, which affected humans, killed millions of people and made the World Health Organization declare the pandemic outbreak of the influenza B flu. Many countries are already free from the pandemic, but there are still many locations that are being devastated by the outbreak like Montgomery, Alabama.

According to the Public Health Department officials, the situation that Montgomery, Alabama is currently facing are already improving compared to the last week’s census.  Based on Sherri Davidson, manager of Public Health’s division, there have been nearly 50 percent less instances of people reporting flu symptoms to doctors.

Most of the people being tested show that they got an Influenza B virus. It already spread from the Northwest Alabama up to the Gulf Coast. According to the Public Health immunization director, Winkler Sims, the flu season is not yet over. He advised the citizens to get a flu vaccine.

Children who are six years old and above are recommended to get flu shot. A special reminder for those who have allergies to chicken eggs, flu vaccine, and have immune system problems should not get vaccinated.

In cases for people experiencing flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, fatigue, headaches, sort throats, muscle weakness, or general discomfort, visiting a doctor immediately is strongly suggested. It’s better to have it cured right away than wait at home until it will be fatal before seeking help from the hospital. Negligence may lead to undesirable consequence, like death.