Why Male Doctors Are Paid More Than Female Doctors, Research

Salary differences between male and female doctors may not be a big deal

With people strongly advocating gender equality, it appears that people would still have to continue fighting for this one. An issue has broken out about the salary differences between male and female doctors in the United States.

A group of researchers in the United States conducted a survey of about 8,000 doctors regarding their salaries. Different areas and factors were considered in this survey. The number of allotted hours and the field of expertise were included in the data gathering. Based on the data, researchers were only able to state the demographics of field and salary but they weren’t able to clarify the reason behind the constant increase in salary gap — until now.

It is quite understandable and reasonable to have this difference in salary since it is safely assumed that women doctors prefer the gentler areas of the medical world, like childcare and pediatrics, as opposed to specialization in heart transplant and general surgeries that most male doctors are associated with.

Even though the salary gap is still unsolved, it seems that there’s nothing to be gender-sensitive about this issue since it was found out that women don’t mind not having an equal salary as the men because they are more concerned with the “emotional” area of work.