The Global Fund Struggles With Internal Fraud, Potentially Lost Millions

Corruption plagues The Global Fund and many other organizations

Many organizations around the world – government or private, local or international – have made efforts in helping developing and struggling countries. One of these organizations is The Global Fund.

The Global Fund is known to be backed by the United Nations and invests its money in helping save lives. The most common causes are for fighting, preventing, and treating tuberculosis, malaria, and AIDS. It is an “international financing institution” that uses the world’s money on their great intention to help. The organization has an impressive record of having spent more than $20 billion in more than one hundred countries.

A report on the organization having had fraud and corruption issues rocked many people. Those who are part of the organization may have been too focused on helping the outside that they were not able to notice the discrepancies on the inside.

There are many reports circulating that the organization lost millions of dollars from the incident. Some of the fraudulent and corrupt activities are said to have come from the improper use of grants. Now the organization is tightening their monitoring procedure of these kinds of incidents by allotting a bigger budget for people who are going to inspect their finances.