Skin Cancer On The Rise, Additional Safety Measures Urged

Additional protection methods urged for sun protection

Skin cancer, one of the most common types of cancer, is now on the rise.

The largest increase appears to be for younger individuals, like students that lay out to tan or frequent tanning booth machines.

During spring break, dermatologists suggest to young people to take good care of their skin. It is wise to learn the importance of proper sun protection and the early detection of skin cancer. According to Brett M. Coldiron, MD, FAAD, a clinic associate professor of dermatology at the University of Cincinnati, the data that demonstrates the treatment that is being performed for non-melanoma skin cancers in the United States alone is nearly doubled from 1994 to 2006 and that there are about 3.5 million skin cancer cases.

In addition to Coldiron’s statement, they are only expecting 2 million cases for this year, but the data from 2008 shows that it will be around 3.7 million and higher if younger people are counted. He also stated that cosmetic purposes like tanning can really harm the skin, and people should be wise about it.

Sun protection is recommended by applying a broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF of at least 30 to the part of the skin that is going to be exposed. It is also wise to wear protective clothing especially around 10am and 4pm or if your shadow is shorter than you are since this is the time when the sun is the most dangerous.