Nurses, Doctors Charged With Healthcare Fraud

Medical fraud results in prison sentences and fines

In Miami, Florida, a group of nurses was found to have committed fraud and they were sentenced to prison.

The nurses received varied sentences. The nurses who went to trial were: Yanisley Chao, Marlene Magadan, Leonardo Malagon, Maria Perez, Roberto Rodriguez, Diana Sanabia, Daisy Santos, and Alfredo Zayas. By the end of February, Jorge Dieppa, who is a doctor, will be tried as well.

What exactly did these supposed noble-careered people do? The people mentioned above are involved with committing fraud. Fraud causes another person or a group of people to undergo damages, particularly with money, by deceiving or misrepresenting intentionally.

As was the case of these people, they were able to con patients into signing up and paying for unnecessary health services and prescriptions. The nurses altered the records of patients in order for them to have qualification for health care. These patients had to pay huge amounts of money to the healthcare agencies where these nurses worked.

Apparently, the nurses pleaded guilty, and this may have been the reason for them having short prison sentences. The sentences varied from 5 to 30 months. Aside from being sentenced to prison, the nurses were also fined thousands of dollars each.