American Red Cross Helps Cholera In Haiti, Promises $14.5 Million

The American Red Cross agrees to spend $14.4 million in Haiti cholera effort

After the devastating event in Haiti, cholera outbreak is in the country, claiming thousands of lives. Recently, the Red Cross plans to allocate $7.4 million to care for the cholera outbreak.

In addition to the Red Cross statement, the American Red Cross is implementing a new cholera program in Haiti. Agreements have been made to spend nearly $14.5 million, and $11.4 million of that agreement has been met already.

Currently, the Haitian health officials reported that there are over 4,000 casualties and approximately 210,000 cases of cholera-related diseases. The outbreak started during October. Although the mortality rates have decreased, new cases are still being noticed.

A direct implementation of $3.4 million for cholera-related programs in Haiti has been issued by The American Red Cross. A lot of funds have been donated both by international Red Cross and the American Red Cross.

The new programs, together with other partnerships, are expected to expand more than $3.8 million as a previous announcement of cholera-related cases. This includes the urgent providing of needed medical supplies. There are already 5,000 cots to the Haitian ministry of health as a donation and more than $2.5 million in cash and supplies to support the Red Cross programs. This is being managed by the Global Red Cross Network.