New Technology May Help Seniors Stay Independent Longer

New software systems may help elders maintain independence

The number of people who are aged 65 and above is increasing each day.  The cost allotted by each state to care for them is increasing as well.  Touch screen devices and monitoring systems were created to help senior citizens receive assistance at home and to create an easier way to call if an emergency occurs.

Two companies were collaborating technical projects to help make certain tasks easier for the elderly.  Massive Art Multimedia, located in Austria, and German based company, CoSi Elektronik, made a brainstorming session to adapt software that will benefit many senior citizens.  The project funding was facilitated by EUREKA and allowed the development of the project called myVitali.

It has been an accepted reality that senior citizens are taking care of their health and homes.

The project myVitali will assist professionals who look after them to closely monitor and have easier communication among the elderly.

The good thing about the adaptation of modern computing to the lives of the elders is that there will no longer be missed medications. The system will provide reminders on when to take medicines, have dietary advice to maintain health, and immediate access for medical emergencies if necessary.