Study Shows Texting May Lead To Quicker Sex, Easier Breakups

Texting has become the primary method of communication for many

Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines surveyed 1,200 men and women about the link between sex with new partners and social media tools.

The study found 58 percent of men and 80 percent of females believed that communicating with new partners via social media tools can lead to a bedroom romp sooner.

However, only 38 percent of the women actually had done the deed with a new partner sooner than they actually would have because of having a relationship through texting.

The survey also reported that texting is now the choice of couples when it comes to communication.

Men preferred texting 39 percent more than calling while women posted an even greater texting preference to calling by a whopping 150 percent.

With the increased in usage preference of cellular phones for texting, it is not surprising that 65 percent of the respondents said dates have asked them out via text messages.

Texting has also become the weapon of choice when dropping the big bomb of breaking up as 43 percent and 27 percent of women and men, respectively, said they sent a text message more often than calling to break up with their partners.