Quizzes Help The Brain Remember, Study Shows

Studies show learning increases with the use of quizzes

German researchers conducted a study on the link between sleep, quizzes, and learning and found out that quizzes, but not impromptu ones, help in the process of gaining knowledge.

The study examined the effects of sleep on learning if the brain is aware it will be put to a test beforehand. Findings show strong evidence that the brain works better if given enough rest and if it knows there is an upcoming test.

The preparation time given to the brain is the key for it to work better. This conditioning of the brain makes it retrieve information more efficiently when needed.

The study involved 193 participants who were given different learning tasks like finger-tapping sequences, card-pair locations, and lists of matched words.

One group was exposed to the materials earlier in the day without any sleep involvement, while the other was given the tasks just before nighttime sleep.

The study reported that the latter had better memory retention and were able to remember tasks more accurately. Those who knew beforehand they were going to be tested also performed better than those who did not know about the upcoming test.