Obesity During Pregnancy May Be Passed To Children, Study Shows

Health and weight of a mother directly influences her children

Researchers from the United States have announced that there is a link between obese mothers and obese children. On the other hand, if the mother, while pregnant, is not obese, her child is also less likely to be obese.

This problem arose from the fact that obesity is globally on the rise, and women fall prey to this condition especially when pregnant.

If these mothers lose weight in favor of a healthier lifestyle before pregnancy, they may be able to pass on the healthier traits to their children.

The researchers arrived at this conclusion by experimenting with rats and sheep, having a group which maintained high levels of unhealthy diet throughout pregnancy, and another group which was given a healthier, low-fat diet a month’s time before being mated.

Results showed that babies of obese mothers had higher levels of fat and unhealthy lipid profiles, as compared to those who were born from the mothers who lost body fat before getting pregnant.

The researchers had therefore suggested that through their research, health guidelines on pregnancy should be made regarding obesity in order to yield healthier offspring.

More research still needs to be done on this topic, but clearly, these researchers have already contributed something great for the modern world.