Gastric Bypass Surgery Improves Heart Function And Weight Loss, Study Shows

Gastric bypass surgery may help more than just weight loss

In reports by USA Today, specific weight loss surgeries have been shown to not only help weight loss, but also improve heart health for individuals as well.

Gastric bypass surgery, the report claims, can help de-stress hearts that have been overworked due to being extremely overweight.

As overall body mass increases, the structure of the heart can change as well, possibly leading to heart disease.

For the study, scientists analyzed hearts of people two years after having gastric bypass surgery. The findings showed that hearts were less stressed and more structurally normal than when obese, allowing for less stress and more natural heart function.

For the study, 400 obese individuals who successfully had a gastric bypass surgery were compared with 300 people who had not had a bypass surgery.

Additional health improvements were noticed as well, including lower cholesterol, lower insulin resistance, and lower heart rate.

Experts recommend weight loss by means of healthy diet and regular exercise, but severely obese individuals may need alternative methods.