Cell Transplants May Provide Additional Treatment Measures

New cell transplant therapy may be effective at disease treatment

The reengineering of cells, according to the Karp Team, a group of researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, can solve the different diseases through cell transplants.  Cell transplants can correct a variety of problems and various defects of bodily tissues.

According to the Karp Team, a decade from now there will be laboratories for cell infusions where people can visit for regular therapy for various diseases. People who had heart attacks can receive cell infusions that will help regenerate heart cells. The replacement of dead cells (due to heart attacks or other diseases) will effectively provide patients with new, live cells.

A common cell therapy, bone marrow transplant, has been known to save many lives. The uncontrollable response of the host to cell transplant is the main reason why cell therapies fail.  Solutions to the problem have been recommended such as putting the cells in specific biomaterials but these have some limitations.

It was inspiring that the many proteins and other agents have this natural ability to move throughout cells.  From this research, it was clear that it is possible for cells to internalize in synthetic particles.