Brain Injuries May Be The Cause Of Certain Criminal Acts

Many criminals may have history of brain injuries

A British study reported that young individuals who have a history of traumatic brain injury are more likely to commit offenses that may result in serving jail time.

The study examined 197 youth offenders, all boys aged 11 to 19, in England who have been in jail and found that the juveniles have thrice the likelihood of having a traumatic brain injury than their non-offending counterparts.

Findings of the study also suggested that youth offenders who had multiple brain injuries were more likely to commit violent criminal acts.

The researchers noted that while brain injury alone could not have triggered criminal behavior in these kids, those who were already at risk of committing crimes might have been influenced by the trauma they suffered from brain injuries.

Around 33 percent of the youth offenders have been “knocked out” more than once, a probable cause for traumatic brain injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pointed out that those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries have a difficult time remembering regimented rules, controlling their anger, planning, and communicating.

The CDC is currently seeking methods on how to effectively care for prisoners with traumatic brain injuries.