Pregnancy Does Not Have To Halt Sexual Activity, Study Shows

Research shows sexual intercourse during pregnancy may not be harmful

The flames of passion do not disappear during pregnancy. Nine months can be a long wait to resist such natural desires. For those that find it very difficult to suffer a 270-day dry spell, be reassured. Experts found out that sex during pregnancy is perfectly normal.

People with pregnancies involving no risks are safe to have intercourse. However, for women who have higher risks, like preterm labor, placenta previa, or underlying health conditions, abstaining from sexual intercourse may be recommended.

Some researchers suggest sex during pregnancy is just fine, as long as orgasm is not achieved for the woman. When a woman orgasms during pregnancy, she may cause labor to start, which would be very harmful for her and the baby.

Researchers add that the danger is evident as the uterus contracts, but they discovered these contractions last just as long as the orgasm. From these studies, there is no scientific evidence to prove the theory that orgasms may cause the onset labor.

Experts explain that the sexual desires of a woman are known to largely fluctuate during pregnancy and this can be difficult for her and her significant other. Generally speaking, however, libido decreases as the pregnancy extends towards the birth of the baby.