New York City May Ban Smoking In Parks, Beaches

New York banned smoking in restaurants, parks, and beaches

Almost a decade ago, New York banned all smoking inside restaurants. The Big Apple recently banned smoking in city parks and also on beaches after an overwhelming 36 to 12 vote. The ban prohibits smoking in all parks in the city (about 1,700 of them) and also on the nearly 15 miles of beaches. Officials believe the ban to be beneficial for the health of everyone, especially children, by reducing the overall exposure to secondhand smoke.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has 30 days to sign the bill following its approval by the city council. The ban will become effective 90 days after it is signed.

Members of the council who voted in favor of the ban cited the long term harmful effects of smoking and the fact that secondhand smoking kills, as their primary reasons for favoring the smoking ban. Those who opposed it argued that it takes away specific freedoms of those who wish to smoke