Many Patients Lie To Doctors About Health Conditions, Study Shows

Many patients fail to disclose all health information to doctors

According to a General Electric study, 28 percent of Americans lie or omit facts about their health when talking to medical practitioners. The study also found out that 77 percent of health care providers believe that more than one-fourth of their patients do not divulge everything about their personal health.

Dr. Nieca Goldberg, director of the Women’s Heart Program at New York University, acknowledged that there are certain reasons why patients do not tell their health care providers everything about their health. Among the reasons why patients keep secrets regarding their health are shame, cannot afford medications, or fear of upsetting doctors.

Cardiologists warn patients from lying about certain things that can prove fatal.

Vitamins and supplements being taken as well as medications that are skipped should never be kept a secret from health care providers. Previous tests undergone from other doctors should also be disclosed. Having a rough time in life should also be brought to doctors’ attention since stress arising from this situation can cause the heart to skip beats and have palpitations. Finally, doctors should know about any changes in the diet.

Withholding vital information from doctors and medical practitioners can prevent them from providing effective medical care.