HIV, Hepatitis C Combination Found To Be Common, Research Shows

New research suggests additional screening methods HIV patients

According to reports, hepatitis C can be transmitted through sexual contact among men who are infected by HIV.  Most men have their hepatitis screening once they become infected with HIV.  Yet, there are a lot of infected men who never had any screening for this kind of hepatitis.

People who are infected by both HIV and hepatitis C may not know it because the symptoms do not really manifest until the illness is in the advanced stages.

According to recent reports, hepatitis C is the number one cause of illness and the cause of death for those who are infected by HIV.

According to the research conducted by Lynn Taylor of Brown University located in Rhode Island, hepatitis screening should be done on a regular basis for those who are already infected by HIV.  Screening these patients once is not enough as one can easily acquire this kind of hepatitis.

Patients and doctors alike need to be aware about the risks of having both infections. Patients may feel uncomfortable discussing it but doctors must let the patients know that hepatitis C can be transmitted through blood.