Worldwide Obesity Becoming A “Large” Problem

Obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic, growing at alarming rates

While much scrutiny was placed on Americans, worldwide obesity has become what many are calling an epidemic.

The problem has become so large, in fact, that a new study found in Lancet, a journal, explained more than 500,000,000 (half a billion) throughout the world are obese.

The number of obese individuals in the world has doubled in less than 30 years, and the figure explains that 10 percent of all adults are obese.

Researchers also explain that it is not just rich and developed nations that are experiencing this obesity problem. Poor nations are showing increased numbers of obese adults as well.

Additionally, the study explains that high blood pressure is becoming more of an issue too. With 400,000,000 new cases of high blood pressure in 28 years, experts are becoming worried about the overall health of people.

Experts explain heart disease is having a ‘tsunami’ effect on the world.

The leading cause of death for humans in first-world countries is heart disease.