New Osteoporosis Treatment May Effectively Extend Life

A new treatment may effectively increase lifespan in osteoporosis patients

New research from the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism has just been published explaining how a new treatment for osteoporosis may lead to an extension of life.

Among the tested people are elderly people who suffer from this degenerative condition of the bone. It is known that people in this age group tend to lose bone mass, thus leading to the release of toxic metals that may be harmful to the body.

For the study, researchers analyzed drugs that belong to the bisphosphates class. The findings showed that loss of bone mass due to this disease decreased significantly. Further exposure to this drug indicated thorough prevention of the loss of bone mass.

The lead researchers for this study had initial doubts of the effect of letting these patients take the treatment. There were many cases that resulted in some side effects due to this drug. Although the intake of this drug showed some positive effects, Australian scientists still want to conduct further research to be sure of the long term benefits.

Extensive research has led some researchers and scientists to have a group of women currently take this drug and undergo treatment. If the results with this group are as promising as the elderly batch, researchers firmly believe it will change the way osteoporosis is treated.