New Genetic Markers May Help Recognize Prostate Cancer

New genetic markers may help recognize prostate cancer

Recent research identified a genetic “signature pattern” that may provide a breakthrough in fighting the male killer cancer – prostate cancer, the second leading cause of death in American men.

Metamark Genetics Inc. is utilizing this genetic pattern in order to develop advanced prognostic tests to recognize and grant early treatment for prostate cancer. Metamark further provided an accurate prognostic test that may be significantly useful in determining the most suitable treatment for other cancer patients.

According to scientist Ronaldo DePinho, M.D., one of Metamark’s founders, they were able to identify the molecular markers, or the said genetic pattern, that may be utilized in distinguishing those men with high- or low-risk death from prostate cancer through cross-species assessment with the use of refined mouse models.

As more than 215,000 men are diagnosed of prostate cancer each year in America, this research proves to be a huge breakthrough in the treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer. With this study, significant improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer through advanced standard of care may not be far off.

On the other hand, another new study may suggest that vigorous physical exercises may lower death risks for prostate cancer patients. Three or more hours per week of physical exercise was observed to hugely benefit prostate cancer patients. This statement was backed up by Stacey Kenfield, a research associate in the department of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health.